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Discovering birth photography was the beginning of this love story for me. I came across an image of a birthing person quietly breathing through a surge, leaning securely over the kitchen sink. The image was so simple, so elegant & so powerful.  This single photograph told a larger story for me - it told me that we should soften the language around birth and remove the stigma of fear around the act of bringing our children to the world.


I realized that birth is art. Birth is a sacred experience. Birth has quiet moments of peace and serenity.  Birth SHOULD BE DOCUMENTED.


My mind was blown - “people are welcoming photographers into their birth spaces to capture their labor & the birth of their babies?” I was instantly attracted to the idea of helping families encapsulate these memories through the art of photography & film. I have also deepened my purpose in this work by certifying as a Doula and fully supporting birthing families while also preserving the memories of their journey. Birth work has become my life, my art form and my service to humanity. Your birth is your own unique story, let’s capture it!



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Certified through Carriage House Birth, Katherine Marivelle is servicing families in New York; including the five boroughs, Westchester,  and parts of Long Island, as well as parts of New Jersey.

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