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What is a Doula?

For centuries and across all cultures, Doula’s have supported pregnant and birthing people through pregnancy, in childbirth, and during postpartum healing. Today - having a Doula means gaining an essential asset to your birth team, having someone solely dedicated to helping you navigate through your pregnancy & birth.


Your Doula will offer knowledge and resources towards educating yourself on how to make informed decisions around your pregnancy and understanding your labor & birth choices. Your Doula will teach your partner (if applicable) how to support you through pregnancy & labor, they will advocate for you and your birth preferences, and will simply hold space for you during your pregnancy, birth & parenthood journey.


As your Doula - I will be there for you!


“After meeting Katherine and feeling comfortable to have her as my doula and photographer I was over the moon excited. I cannot thank her enough for her time, care, knowledge and patience she has given me and my family. I feel love because it takes a magical person to treat a woman so kindly and capture one of the most rewarding and special moments in life as birth and becoming a mom. I highly recommend Katherine to anyone you will not regret one second of having her a part of your life!”

- Alana
Service: Birth Photography & Doula  

What to Expect

As your doula, I am a part of your birth team. I am here to provide you with empowered emotional and physical support throughout your birth journey - from pregnancy to postpartum.



- Continued Emotional and Informational Support

Available via call/text/email for emotional and informational support 


- Two Prenatal Visits 


1.  Preliminary:

It is important to get to know each other and build the foundation of our relationship. Once this relationship is established you will feel confident that as your Doula, my main concern is YOU and that I will be by your side every step of the way through to labor and birth. 


We will discuss the stages of pregnancy, childbirth education, family planning, your birth preferences, and postpartum.


2.  36-37 Weeks:


Closer to your estimated due date we will meet again to discuss in detail your final birth preferences. We will go through logistics in the case of alternative scenarios, as we must accept that birth can be unpredictable. As a part of your birth team, I want to be fully aware of your wishes so I can properly advocate for your care during your journey through labor and birth. During this meeting, I also like to check in on your emotional state and offer any support I can provide or refer you for specialist support. 


We will discuss the final details in you birth preferences, emotional and physical state, postpartum support,  and the importance of the fourth trimester. 

- On-call & ready to attend your birth

I will be on-call 24/7, ready to attend your birth from 37 weeks until your delivery.

- Be present at the time of your labor and birth to provide emotional and physical support

I will hold space for you when you need me, and if your partner is present I will provide support to them and will surely step back when I see that I am not needed when your birth partner is providing you the support you need (we are your birth TEAM!) 

- Stay with you 1-2 hours after baby is born

I make sure to help you settle in comfortably after birth for your first skin-to-skin, assist with first feeding and anything else you and your family may need

- One postpartum visit within the first week after delivery

I always bring a nutritious meal as this is a vital time for healing and help you with any immediate light household help to make sure you have a comfortable sanctuary. I provide emotional support, assistance with infant feeding and care - and whatever you and your family needs in this transition in finding your rhythm with baby! If any further postpartum or lactation support is needed I will happily refer you to a specialist in the field! 

Thank you for trusting me in your sacred space

Whether I am your doula or your pregnancy, birth or family photographer - I want us to connect on a deep level, so that I can offer you my most authentic support to empower you through your journey & tell your sacred story through the art of photography & film

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